Rob Halprin
is a former child actor
and singer, best known
as an executive producer,
producer and indie record
label owner.

Halprin began his musical career at the age of six,
honing his chops in numerous Off-Broadway productions.

tour management
With his sights set on greater aspirations, Rob left home at the age of 16 and, in 1975, landed the gig as assistant to Bob Dylan's "Rolling Thunder Revue" tour co-promoter and The Band's "Last Waltz" coordinator Barry Imhoff, which later led to stints as an assistant to Alan Dunn during The Rolling Stones' "Some Girls" tour and Lyle Baker for the 1979 Natalie Cole tour.

In 1977, Halprin became a minority partner in Bill Graham and partner Barry Imhoff's development of Fillmore East Merchandising, the first major rock-merchandising venture, later renamed Imhoff Manufacturing and Merchandising.

chops, props and other stops
In 1979, Halprin was the uncredited co-writer of the Natalie Cole singles "Your Lonely Heart" and "Winners" from her LP "I Love You So." That same year he displayed his talents as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, playing guitar, keyboards and singing background while co-engineering and co-producing two cuts for Cole and Marvin Gaye guitarist Chuck Bynum's 1980 Warner Brothers album, "Marathon Lover."

He left the business in 1984 to take the helm of a mortgage banking and luxury residential real estate development firm headquartered in South Florida while fronting his own band of ragtag Latin-flavored indie folk-rockers playing under the ubiquitous moniker "Mombo & Eddie."

business management and even mooorrree touring
Returning to the business in 1992, Halprin became James Taylor and Jackson Browne contemporary Valerie Carter's business manager, spending the next ten years with the singer-songwriter during her tenure in both Browne and Taylor's recording and touring bands, eventually becoming her executive producer and record label head.

While on tour with Taylor in 1996, he was introduced to Los Angeles businesswoman Gail Gellman, an industry veteran seeking investors for her blossoming indie record label and management company, Vesper Alley, home to singer-songwriter Vonda Shepard.

vesper alley records
Rob purchased a partnership stake in Vesper Alley to help finance the burgeoning labels re-release of Shepard's CDs, "It's Good, Eve" and "The Radical Light."

In 1998, Shepard began her role on Fox TV's "Ally McBeal" with Sony 550 Music persuading both Gellman and Halprin to sell their interests.

y&t entertainment
Rob parlayed a portion of his proceeds into a partnership in the flagship Miami, Florida label Y&T Entertainment, the original home to country music's Raúl Malo and The Mavericks, along with singer-songwriters Mary Karlzen and Amanda Green.

Upon the sale of Y&T's headquarters Criteria Studios to The Hit Factory, Halprin continued, financing his current venture, VRP Music.

Originally conceived in 2001 as a home label for James Taylor and Jackson Browne contemporary Valerie Carter, VRP today handles management, merchandising, touring and publishing deals along with purchasing revenue streams based upon mechanical and performance royalties.

"Vanilla Grits" The Best Of Valerie Carter compilation CD

Valerie Carter and band, "Midnight Over Honey River" US Tour
"Midnight Over Honey River" Single Live CD & Download

License to Dreamsville Records For Japanese Release Double (Live) CD & Download – Valerie Carter with Little Feat: "Midnight Over Honey River"

Includes the original "Midnight Over Honey River" disc and a second live disc with backing by American rock band Little Feat recorded in November, 2002 plus two previously un-released studio tracks.

Also in 2003, Halprin produced and engineered the track entitled, "Bitter Rain" included on Universal Music Groups 2003 tribute CD of Japanese singer-songwriter and recipient of the Japanese Medal of Honor, Miyuki Nakijima, "Yourself, Myself."

Licensing to Vivid Sound for re-release in Japan of the double Live CD:
Valerie Carter and Little Feat, "Midnight Over Honey River" (12-19)

vrp today
Rob Halprin has been deeply involved in the music business for over forty years. His current venture, VRP Music, is capitalizing on his vast experience cultivating talent and forging new ground in an artist friendly environment.

With his "old school" rock and roll legacy and energetic enthusiasm, Halprin is bridging the gap for a select few artists.

the gap?
VRP believes in this rapidly evolving music marketplace; there's common ground between the new "360" business models advanced by the majors and the familiarity of an artist friendly label.

We're passionate about developing this in our quest to help a few talented artists "paint their masterpiece."

building the bridge
VRP's offices and studios are located in the laid-back valley of SoCal, Ashbury Heights in San Francisco and the beach area of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. All centered on Rob's philosophy of VRP's artists working in the most comfortable and relaxed environment conducive to the creative process, so they may do what they do best, create. VRP will utilize our strong financial backing, practical experience breaking new acts and creative team to maximize their management, merchandising, touring and publishing deals. We believe the development of this model has us poised to become major players in the small, but lucrative, boutique indie label and management market.

If you are interested in presenting an artist to our unique vision of brand marketing and management, please contact our A&R department at::

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