VRP Music
Originally conceived in 2001 as a home label for James Taylor and Jackson Browne. VRP today handles promotion, management, merchandising, touring and publishing deals.

2003, Halprin produced and engineered the track entitled, “Bitter Rain” included on Universal Music Groups 2003 tribute CD of Japanese singer-songwriter and recipient of the Japanese Medal of Honor, Miyuki Nakijima, “Yourself, Myself.”

Rob Halprin has been deeply involved in the music business for over forty years. His current venture, VRP Music, is capitalizing on his vast experience cultivating talent and forging new ground in an artist friendly environment. With his “old school” rock and roll legacy and energetic enthusiasm, Halprin is bridging the gap for a select few artists.

VRP believes in this rapidly evolving music marketplace; there’s common ground between the new “360” business models advanced by the majors and the familiarity of an artist friendly label. We’re passionate about developing this in our quest to help a few talented artists “paint their masterpiece.”

VRP’s offices and studios are located in the laid-back valley of SoCal, Ashbury Heights in San Francisco and the beach area of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. All centered on Rob’s philosophy of VRP’s artists working in the most comfortable and relaxed environment conducive to the creative process, so they may do what they do best, create. VRP will utilize our strong financial backing, practical experience breaking new acts and creative team to maximize their management, merchandising, touring and publishing deals. We believe the development of this model has us poised to become major players in the small, but lucrative, boutique indie label and management market.

If you are interested in presenting an artist to our unique vision of brand marketing and management, please contact our A&R department at: hq@vrpmusic.com
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